Contract Number: IST-02649 / Project Type: SPECIFIC SUPPORT ACTIONS / Start Date: 1/01/2006 / Duration: 24 Months
Total Budget: 2,568,320 Euro / Funding from EC: 1,700,000 Euro / Total Effort in Persons-Month: 1109
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Presented in May to the 6th Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration, of the European Commission (EC), "E-Infrastructure shared between Europe and Latin America" (EELA) further more than a project that speaks about a powerful and useful technological infrastructure (Grids, E-Infrastructure, Grids Applications, Training, etc.), is an enormous challenge of collaboration that, because of its approval, will be traduced in the union of two continents and 22 institutions by means of a powerful human network. Using pilot resources available in some centers of Europe (Spain, Portugal and Italy, already integrated within the framework of the European project EGEE) and Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela), EELA will create a human network dedicated to work in Grids, e-Science and e-Infrastructure. EELAs primary goal is: Through specific support actions, to position the Latin American countries at the same level of the European developments in terms of E-Infrastructure.

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